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At Advize we go beyond the normal approach to bookkeeping and view each and every client’s books as bookkeepers, accountants and tax advisors. This three-way approach to bookkeeping gives us the ability to keep our bookkeeping files in “near year end” ready status at all times. We use the latest cloud accounting software and technology so the bookkeeping, the accounting and tax forecasting are completed in “near real time”. The technology allows us to present an audit proof set of books complete with source documents attached to each entry in the books.

We keep are clients, well informed well advised and ahead of the curve when it comes to financial management of their business.

The bookkeeping product we produce each month will provide your business with a customized monthly management report in “near year end” ready form. With your month end “near year end” ready when the Year End arrives the work involved is reduced to days instead of months. We can produce tax returns quickly, accurately and efficiently with drastically reduced wait times. Our clients can easily see their liabilities, government remittances, cash flow and profits with the click of a button.

The books are CRA compliant, they are audit proofed, near year end ready, formatted to standard accounting and communicate clearly the financial state of the business.

In addition to our 3-point approach to bookkeeping, our process ends with a 40-point review and checklist of every client’s book’s completed by an experienced accounting and tax professional. This process ensures the quality and integrity of the business records and keep s the books in their optimal state at all times. Our client’s books are reviewed in this manner every month and again at year end.

Businesses can be rest assured that bookkeeping completed by Advize will allow them to make sound business decisions knowing the information they are provided is true and up to date.

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