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Medical Services

If your company is in the medical services sector like most service-related businesses your main focus is on patient care or customer care in the case of a support business to the medical industry.

Often the business administration and accounting tasks of a medical services business add pressure to an already busy operation. Advize can help relieve this pressure by setting up a functional efficient admin and accounting solution to support the admin side of the business.

We understand that dental offices, doctor offices, labs and specialist medical service operations have industry unique software to manage patient care and billing but somehow all of this needs to be married to an accounting solution in order to provide complete financial reporting to the practice.

Each area of the medical services industry has its unique challenges. Managing a business in this sector often requires flexibility and creativity and customization to blend the front line medical administration to the back end accounting and business admin portion of the business. The team at Advize can help with a number of solutions to help your busy practice stay on track and be successful.